The services we offer at ISO Compliance International are best applied when the safety culture of a business or organisation is also considered and enhanced. By improving the culture of safety within an organisation allows the processes and systems to work effectively and together create not only a safe workplace, but also one where morale and employee satisfaction is high. We call this a Just Culture.

Just Culture

A Just Culture:

  • balances the need to have a non-punitive learning environment with the need to hold people accountable for their actions
  • moderates the extremes of either a punitive or blame-free culture
  • clearly identifies acceptable and unacceptable behaviour
  • provides positive recognition for aligned behaviour, and safe and efficient work practices
  • provides a simple and consistent process where people are coached, counselled or disciplined in a consistent, just and fair way
  • provides a culture where people feel safe to be honest at all times
  • encourages people to report errors rather than hide them

Achieving Zero Harm requires us to learn from our mistakes.  To promote a culture where we can identify mistakes, we must strike a balance between a blame- free workplace culture and a culture where every mistake is punished.  Disciplining personnel in response to unintended mistakes does not improve safety and risks incidents not being reported.  Similarly, allowing negligent or deliberate acts to go unchecked does little to promote safe behaviour and accountability.

The Just Culture framework uses a framework to assist determining appropriate management action.  A key aspect is the substitution test – which considered what would a reasonable person have done in the same circumstances.


As part of our consultancy services, ASSS undertake a Just Culture procedure comprising of 4 key stages, each with a number of steps that start from investigation and analyses of the current culture to work towards the ideal vision.

Contact us to discuss or consultancy services and working with your organisation to create a Just Culture.